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Monday, March 30, 2020 9:20 AM | Claire (Administrator)

I think we’re finally coming to terms. Across the country, we’re all trying to do our part because we get it - we can’t do this alone. We’re in it together for the next while, and we’re learning fast. 

This upcoming week, you’re probably preparing to fully take on the teacher role for your own kids. Even if you’re a teacher by day, this is different. Remember, this is simply the next step in your journey to learning how strong and adaptable you and your family are. Even so, go easy on yourself. We’re all being asked to do a lot, at the same time, very suddenly. Practice speaking to yourself as positively as you would if a friend reached out for reassurance. Go easy on others too, some are having a harder time adjusting. You can help by sharing your own tips for making this work as best you can. 

On our end, we’ll continue to pull out the stops, calling on experts and pooling resources to assemble a dream team of support. Check out our listing below of virtual events happening this week and new resources.   Last week we held a webinar on managing anxiety. You can see the video here 

This is the village, and together, we’ll make it through. 



Virtual events

Why Focusing on Your Sleep During COVID-19 is Important, Monday, August 30th at 1pm

Sleep is such a critical element when it comes to good overall health. Unfortunately, disrupted sleep, lack of sleep and sleep disorders can put our safety at risk, affect our mental health, and can weaken our immune system at every age. Any doctor or professional will tell you the best way to stay healthy during this time is by getting the right amount of sleep and eating well. Alanna McGinn will discuss 5 ways to help your family sleep well during the COVID-19 Pandemic and answer your sleep questions. Register here  

Understanding the COVID-19 Stimulus package Tuesday, March 31 at 1PM EDT

Besides concerns about health and safety, COVID-19 has left us with questions about the economy, our personal finances, and what our government has in place to help. Join Adrian Drew, Senior Consultant, Investors Group Financial Services Inc., as he walks us through the COVID-19 Stimulus Package, including tax benefits and financial support for individuals and businesses. Register here

This week’s Webinar with Health Nexus: Being Pregnant and Having a Baby during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Wednesday, April 1 at 1PM EDT
A midwife and lactation consultant will discuss current information and tips on how to navigate pregnancy, birth, newborn care and breastfeeding during this time. Register here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Infant Massage Workshop, Thursday, April 2nd at 1pm
Did you know Infant Massage helps to increase communication and bonding between caregiver and baby? It also helps to promote regular sleeping patterns and to relieve colic and gas. Join us as we walk you through Infant Massage techniques, learning your babies cues and having a great time relaxing together.  Register here 


Coffee & Chat Friday, April 3rd at 3:30am PM
Join us along with Emily Pollak and other parents for an online chat. Think of it as a coffee date, but from the comfort of your own home, or comfortable space. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and log in to the video chat with other parents in a casual atmosphere. Register here


HOPE: A Group For mothers experiencing a Postpartum Mood or Anxiety Disorder:

Online PMAD Support Group -  Facilitated by a social worker and LWAB mom Friday, April 3 11-11:45 AM EDT 

This group will give you the opportunity to connect with other women and get support and education regarding postpartum mood, strategies for coping, resources and referrals. 

Register here

Mommy & Me Fitness Online - ONGOING

It doesn't matter if you are 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years postpartum - this workout is for you! Register here

Last week:
Managing Anxiety Webinar with Health Nexus  Watch the video HERE
We’ve teamed up with Best Start by Health Nexus to provide you with some resources, and information on managing anxiety while social distancing.  We’ll also have a session specifically for dads by Brian Russell from Dads Today on helping new moms at home as they navigate this period after giving birth.

Parent S.O.S

Finally we have a proper school curriculum! Of course, there are still a few leftover hours in the day no curriculum can cover. Here are this week’s tools and resources to help keep the kids off of your video conference call:

  • Our friends at Best Start create a number of resources to help manage emotional and mental health and in particular for expectant and new mothers. If you are expecting or a new parent, the Managing Depression: Self Help Skills Workbook is a great resource to help navigate this confusing and uncertain time. 

  • If your feelings of stress or anxiousness is becoming too much to manage, Bounce Back may be able to help. They provide virtual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions, workshops and tools for youth 15-18 and adults 19+. 

  • Is it just us or are the kids eating All. The. Time? No time like the present to get them learning how to fix their own meals and snacks. Tasty has you covered with these 52 (!) kid-friendly options. These are also great with zero kid involvement (we won’t tell). 

  • You’ve probably gotten your share of work from home tips, from the sensible to the silly. Charity Village has been virtual since its start in 1995. Save to say they really know how to make work-from-home, well, work. Check out these best practice tips

This One’s For the Kids 

  • The YMCA of Greater Toronto has put together a daily schedule of fun activities for the whole family! Visit their Facebook Page to catch the daily Live broadcast 

  • Math, but make it fun! Cool Math Games disguises math learning for every age and stage with truly fun video games! 

  • Beloved author and animator Mo Willems is hosting a daily doodle class! Follow his Instagram page for info and find the daily lunchtime lessons here

  • Finally, a podcast for kids, by kids answering the top question of all time - “Why”? Look for “But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids” on your platform of choice. The podcast and the accompanying site are full of great info and should hold them for at least long enough for you to make another sandwich. 

Just for Fun 

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