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Peer-led support programs can reduce the occurrence of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders by up to 50%.1

Over the past 10 years, Life With A Baby peer-support programs have helped over 55,000 parents and families thrive. The ‘why’ behind our format is simple - creating safe spaces for parents to connect with others navigating the same experiences, works.

Your donation directly helps a mother or family affected by a perinatal mood and anxiety disorders get the peer-support help they need in their community. It allows a program to be made available where it previously wasn’t, it helps grow stronger families and communities but most importantly it helps to bring awareness to and reduce the stigma around PMAD’s. One of our goals is to eliminate the stigma surrounding maternal mental health so that no one suffers in silence.

Our goal is that our operations costs are fully covered by the close of each year, so that 100% of public donations go directly to perinatal mood and anxiety peer-support groups, programming, training, advocacy and education.

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1 Jones CCG et al. The impact of peer support in the context of perinatal mental illness: a meta-ethnography. Midwifery. 2014

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