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Life With A Baby is a network of real parents, just like you, navigating the rollercoaster that is raising kids.

Our Founder

Twelve years ago, Claire Zlobin was a new mom facing social isolation, anxiety, and loneliness - all signs of postpartum depression. Following months of suffering, doctors diagnosed her symptoms as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD). When a search for a postpartum support system came up short, she built her own. Claire founded Life With A Baby in 2008. Life With A Baby is now North America’s largest parent peer-support network, with no signs of slowing. As CEO, Claire leads a dedicated team of moms like her. She has emerged as a pivotal advocate to broker change in the recognition, treatment, and stigma of maternal mental health.

Our focus at Life With A Baby is to invest in communities like yours and provide you as parents with the resources needed to foster healthy families and babies, and eliminate the stigma around perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

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Claire Zlobin

How We Give Back

We collaborate with hospitals, public health and mental health professionals to develop locally accessible peer-support programs, support groups, and resources. All are suitable to work alongside a formal treatment plan or fill the gap until treatment becomes available. By focusing on those most at-need, we provide support to moms with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (including postpartum depression), newcomers to Canada and families who have spent time in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Many times, these connections during crisis turn into lifelong friendships and circles of support for parents.

We achieve our goals of giving back to communities by partnering with like-minded local and corporate entities to support our programs. We also receive grants and donations to our Life With A Baby Foundation from people just like you. All of this helps us keep our program costs low (and for some programs, even free).

How We Give Back


We have community chapters across Southern Ontario, British Columbia and Eastern Canada and are expanding every year. We’re always looking for volunteers and have job openings for our Community Manager positions across the country.

Each of our community chapters is run by a dedicated Community Chapter Manager, parents who live in the same community as you, trained to both manage the unique needs of their local members and to help spot and connect parents who need more in-depth help.

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