I cried at the gym

Thursday, October 30, 2008 8:35 AM | Claire (Administrator)

I went to the gym last night and when I got on the elliptical machine Bones was playing on TV, so I thought to myself, why not. I have an hour to go, I normally don’t watch this show, but it was pretty interesting. Everything was fine until it got towards the end of the show.  This episode was about an 8 year old being kidnapped and when they rescued him safely I had to get off the machine and go to the change room to wipe my eyes and wash my face.  Since I had my daughter I’ve noticed that I get misty and sappy at anything that has to do with kids. 



  • Friday, November 14, 2008 6:14 AM | Marina
    That's funny, since the same happening to me.
    Recently I watched some movie about Mexican Family...
    Divorced Mom leaves her son with grandma and goes illegally to work in States to earn some money for her son. She leaves for 4 years.
    The boy was 5 years old at that time, now he is 9 and grandma suddenly passes away, the boy decides to go illegally to States to look for his mom.
    It was so touching I used half of my tissue box while watching it..
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