Baby changes everything

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 5:28 PM | Claire (Administrator)


I'm a first time mom, completely happy with my beautiful daughter, but trying to cope with all the changes to my previously well planned and oganized life.  When I asked friends who had kids to tell me what it's like, they all gave me the glorious family life picture and I thought okay, I can do that. It will be great. 

AND then... Baby arrives and it's not the glorious family picture that I imagined. It's not even close, and the weird thing is... the problem isn't the baby, it's the rest of the people around me, it's the fact that I'm not longer a great career woman, I'm no longer free to make my own choices and do whatever I want... I'm no longer the person I was and it's scary! 
Coping with my new roles has been quite a challenge for me and coping with the new dynamics of my relationship with my husband (who in the first three months I wanted to throw off a bridge).  As much as they try, they just don't get it. They think that because they go to work, when they get home, they should have a nice dinner and then relax (because after all, we've JUST been with the baby all day)  we haven't been WORKING!!!

Sometimes I think that when a woman has a baby, the husband should just go away for six months, this way mom can recover and take care of the baby without the addition of a much bigger, complaining baby.  Because the way I see it, a husband is just another baby

Does anyone else feel the same way?

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