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Tuesday, May 05, 2020 4:14 PM | Claire (Administrator)

Talk of making the journey back to 'normal' has us all thinking - what's normal anyway? Will life ever look like it once did? Do we want it to? What would I keep from this time versus what I hope we leave behind? 

I think we understand that no, things couldn't possibly go back to the way they were, not exactly anyway. We are all dreaming about what our new world will look like, what we'll do first, and how we want to move forward when it's all behind us. 

There hasn't been much time for reflection, what, between homeschooling, working (from home or out because you're essential), strategic trips to get essentials, and trying to get a little fresh air. But, I'm trying to give myself permission to dream. I'm taking those few moments of quiet to file what I loved and what I'll leave. I am trying my best to register these thoughts to draw from when the hustle and bustle returns. 

What about you? Maybe no one has asked you what you want recently, so I am. Think about what you'll do differently, if possible, what you want to cherish or implement, and what truly matters most. What if it's this process or reordering and reframing that becomes the one silver lining in an otherwise not-so-great time? I think, if we can do that, we will have all won. 



🧡 To the teachers, helping us to teach our kids, sometimes while still teaching and caring for yours - we thank you. 

New Giveaway! 

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To enter, follow us on Instagram @lifewithababy and our friends @inventivekidz. Next, find and like this post and comment with the first outside activity you'll do once distancing is over! Contest starts May 4, 2020 and closes May 18, 2020 at Midnight; winner announced May 19, 2020. Go for it! 

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Virtual events

We’ve created a hub for all online events! Go to to find the list of upcoming events and links to past videos.

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Parent S.O.S

  • As we are being required to wear masks more and more in public, here’s a great how-to video on handling your masks

  • We’re all hesitant to use resources we formerly took for granted - like going to the dentist for something other than an emergency or routine maintenance. While dental offices remain closed, you can still get help. If you have questions or concerns about your family's dental health, visit where, you can find a dentist near you and book an online appointment for questions, assessments and referrals. 

  • Wellness Together Canada provides free online resources, tools, apps and connections to trained volunteers and qualified mental health professionals when needed. Click here to get started

  • Between the enchanting sounds and the visual of their incredible coordination, this virtual concert by the Metropolitan Opera is everything you need right now. 

This One’s For the Kids 

  • Fun + Math =! Find fun math games for learning through play! Our fav is Multiplication Space Race, but with all the choices - you’ll find your fav in no time ;) 

  • If you’re looking for learning resources outside of your child’s online curriculum (or perhaps just alternatives), check out Amazing Educational Resources. It’s an incredible database of free courses, worksheets and more on subjects of all kinds from Preschool to Adult, including resources for learning challenges and enriched learning. 
  • Keeping the kids interested, learning and practicing their school instrument might be harder than baking your first sourdough. Make Music Fun has assembled a list of free online music lessons to keep your young musician engaged. 

  • Since the kids can’t play with neighbourhood kids or see their friends at school, many are without playmates (besides their parents). Even kids with siblings in a different age group can feel the same as being an ‘only’ right now. Here are some games and activities that are perfect for one! (and you can join in too :) )

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