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Monday, March 16, 2020 3:59 PM | Claire (Administrator)

We are officially in strange times. While we’re now required to be closer than ever to ourselves and our families, we are also more physically isolated than ever from each other. But that doesn’t mean we’re in this alone.

We‘ve got our village, and we’re here to make sure we all make it through this as best we can. So every week, we’ll share this special newsletter full of tips, information, resources and fun. Stay tuned on our Facebook pages and Managing the Motherload group to stay connected to each other. Let’s make sure the kids (and everyone else) are all right. We’re in it together! 



Parent S.O.S

To say this is a stressful or anxiety-inducing time is an understatement. The good thing is there are great resources to help manage these genuine feelings. Check out the below for tips you can put into practice today: 

This One’s For the Kids 

March Break, Summer break and even family vacation never required this level of sustained togetherness! We are in unusual times. Extraordinary times call for exceptional measures. Check out these free resources to keep the kids busy (and out of your hair - for a bit anyway). 

Just for Fun 

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