Sponsored: The Benefits of Baby Swimming with Water Babies

Saturday, October 26, 2019 10:06 AM | Claire (Administrator)

Swimming! A fun, healthy, active, and inclusive activity that anyone can take part in.  The welcoming touch of water can bring back sweet memories of sunshine, family, warm sand beneath your feet, and the freedom of a holiday. Swimming raises our spirits and helps keep our bodies in good shape. 

When we introduce it to our little ones early on, it opens up a world of possibilities for them: a fun way to exercise for life, a great way to meet new friends, and a feeling of comfort and safety that will allow them to enjoy so many fun recreational activities (among others).

So why hesitate to introduce our babies to this fantastic activity? 

Here are the 4 Ultimate Benefits of swimming with Water Babies that will make you want to jump into the pool with your little one today!


Safety is at the heart of what we do. We know that there is nothing more important than having peace of mind that your little one has the ability to keep themselves safe. 

That is why safety skills form a key part of every lesson. Right from day one, you and your baby will start learning how to enter and exit the pool safely. We will continue to develop our safety skills the whole way through, learning to hold on to the poolside, how to float, and eventually even pool rules and jumping in! 

With Water Babies, safety flourishes from play.

Our Teachers 

Water Babies teachers are not only certified swim instructors, but also highly specialized professionals. They go through the equivalent of full college courses getting 20-25 times more training on teaching our youngest swimmers than your typical instructor.

But the most important thing is that our teachers love what they do, and are passionate about improving the lives of all our families, one class at a time.

At Water Babies, we will give you the best trained, most passionate swim teachers to guide you and your baby on this wonderful journey of swimming discovery!

Child Development

Our programs are designed to help kids develop physically, emotionally and intellectually the whole way through.

The magic of buoyancy allows your child to do things in the water they aren’t strong enough to do on land, helping them build core strength and muscle tone and stimulating cognitive development and hand-eye coordination.

Our activities are also tied to development milestones, so you can rest well knowing our classes have been well thought out and planned with the underlying science in mind. 

Your child’s development and success are our focus. And nothing makes us happier than seeing one of our swimmers reach a new milestone.


Family moments are precious. 

In our classes, you’ll get focused time in the water. There are no distractions and interruptions, just you and your little swimmer. Your baby can smell you, feel your heartbeat, hear your breathing, which helps you both relax and be in the moment.

Your bond will grow as you hold your child close and have that all-important skin-to-skin contact in the comforting warmth of the water, cherishing every second of the time spent together.

At Water Babies, we teach you to teach your little one to swim so that you can practice your new-found skills away from the lesson so that you can have time for just two of you, anytime.

As you can see, there are so many wide-ranging benefits of baby swimming. Body and soul, physical and cognitive - every aspect of a young life improves and blossoms when Water Babies comes into the picture.

Are you ready to start an incredible journey full of joy, development, and love for water with your baby?

Water Babies Canada is here to guide you on this fascinating adventure!

Hit the link or go to waterbabies.ca to find a swimming class near you!

This is a sponsored post from Water Babies Canada

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