Sudbury , a very eventful trip!

Monday, July 22, 2019 12:00 PM | Denise (Administrator)

When I was told that we would be going to Sudbury, I was not so excited about it.  I checked the website and it looks like I could easily find similar activities in Toronto.  Anyway, We’ve picked some activities and mapped out our schedule, mostly age appropriate for our 13 years old.  Since my sister's family would be in town, I invited them to go together.

We arrived the Hampton Inn in the afternoon after a 4 hours drive. Staff were very friendly and helpful.  They provided us some brief information about the complimentary breakfast as well as the free coffee/tea/chocolate station.  As soon as we entered the room, we found that there is a complimentary welcome package: 2 bottles of water and 2 snacks.  Also, a welcome card with my name on it.  What a good gesture to show hospitality.  The only thing is that my daughter has peanut allergy and both snack contain nuts……  I also love the little note in the washroom reminding us that they would provide some toiletry if we forget to bring ours.  This looks like something minor but it put me at ease as I forgot to bring shower cap.

We went to Imax for the SuperPower Dog show.  I thought it’s something for kids but it actually is a 3D documentary about rescue dogs and their training.  It is very informative and yet entertaining.  What a good choice!!!

By the time we finished watching the show, it’s dinner time.  We decided to try the local Italian restaurant Di Gusto.  From the outside, the restaurant looks a bit dated.  As soon as we walked in, it’s totally different.  We were greeted by friendly faces.  Interior is causal yet cozy. And it looks very clean and comfortable.  From the menu, we learned that all the pasta and pizza are made in-house. Hmmm, lt looked very promising.  We ordered a Caesar Salad and a calamari to share.  My husband ordered the Spicy sausage linguini, my daughter ordered their signature lasagne and I had the Yellow fin tuna.  I have to say the calamari is excellent!  So was the other dishes!  The texture of the linguini is chewy and oh, my goodness!  Every dish tastes so good!!!  Price is very reasonable.  This is the restaurant that I will go back again and again if there’s one near home!!!

The next morning, we had a very delicious breakfast at the hotel, then headed to Kivi Park for biking and hiking.  It was a cloudy day so it’s perfect for outdoor activities.  I was amazed that there is such a big park around with different biking/hiking trails.  The level of difficulties is determined by the color.  Whether you do biking or hiking, it's the same trail. My hubby and brother-in-law took the girls to do biking while my sister and I picked a hiking trail.  The trail is wide and easy to walk.  There are 2 parks for younger children.  But to me, I like it that the park is huge and quiet.  It feels so relaxing to stroll around. 

After a quick lunch (we picked up pizza from Di Gusto.  That’s how much we love the food there), we headed out to Dynamic Earth, the big nickel.  While the underground tour is the main attraction, there are so many interactive educational games we could explore.  The ground floor has exhibits of different stones/gems with many information. The lower level has a lot of interactive games for younger children.  The playground at the back of the building is a pleasant surprise.  My daughter paired up with her cousin to participate in the quiz and they both won some gem stones.  I learned that Canada is actually onf of the top 5 diamond-producing countries. Wow!!! 

The underground guided tour is slightly over an hour long.  It took us back to 1800 up to the modern and post modern mining in the region.  It is very informative.  Everyone has to wear hamlet and they have size for all ages, including babies.  We have already known that the underground temperature is around 13C, therefore, we brought a light jacket.   

We stopped by the Bell Park at the evening where it hosted the Northern Light Festival during our visit. We went there to just meet our other families from our group and didn’t spend too much time there as my daughter and niece wanted to go back to the Imax for the Marvel movie.  My accountant sister requested us to drive to Revenue Canada office to take a picture while the girls were at the movie. 

Before we headed back home, we spent our morning at Science North.   Science North offers a lot of hands on experience.  There are 4 levels.  There are many educational 3D shows on the ground level which unfortunately we have to skip due to our limited time.  We didn't stop at the 2nd floor as it's for toddlers.  We stopped at the 3rd floor to check out the different types of insects.  The staff were very knowledgeable and patience.  They showed us different types of live insects and not just offered but encouraged us to hold them, touch them.  We spent quite a while at the butterfly gallery trying to take a picture of the blue butterflies even it is very warm inside.  We failed as the butterflies were flying very fast. Then the girls ran up to 4th floor and vanished, not really, but they were busy in trying different things: racetrack, fitness lab, human gyroscope...... It is our best experience at a science centre.

How can we conclude our trip without a sweet treat?  We ventured to Tuscos Tacos for a vegan lunch, then hopped across to pick up some vegan cookies at Beards Coffee Bar and Bakery, lined up for vegan ice cream next door at Fluples.

The weekend at Sudbury is amazingly eventful!  Sudbury offers more than what I expected.  There are activities for all ages.  It is also a very relaxing place.  We also love the location of the Hampton Inn.  Everywhere we go is just about 10 to 15 minutes drive.   Surely it will be one of our memorable trip!

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