Finding Viable Work From Home Opportunities As New Parent - Landmark Transportation School Bus Driving Option

Monday, May 13, 2019 6:55 AM | Connie (Administrator)

Finding Viable Work From Home Opportunities As New Parent - Landmark Transportation School Bus Driving Option

Being a new parent is not always what you expect and there is definitely no job description. Every baby is different and unique which is why motherhood can be so scary, fun, terrifying, exciting, and rewarding all at the same time!! What is especially challenging as a new parent is making the difficult decision to quit a full-time job to be home with your children and finding ways to supplement income.

As a stay at home parent myself an entrepreneur, I am always approached by fellow mommy friends wondering how I made it work.  My response is always to weight out the options and costs of going back to work full time vs. staying home to raise your children and perhaps supplementing your income with some viable work from home options on a part time basis. And when I say to "weight out the costs", I mean the REAL COSTS in all areas (not just money).  Things like quality of life, health, exercise, eating out, commute times, etc. should ALL be considered as “costs” when making this decision.

For me, the decision was an easy one as going back to work full-time in agencies as an event planner meant a +3 hour commute each day from Newmarket to Toronto and back, long days, evenings, weekends, travelling, putting 2 kids in daycare full time (both of whom are special needs), likely having to hire a housekeeper, eating out more, quality of life differences that I wasn't going to sacrifice and all for only MAYBE $300 a week extra after factoring that all that all in!  I’m hearing about more and more moms in a similar situation as mine.

The trick, however, is finding those tried and true income potentials that *actually* earn money (a-hem MLM's :) and provide flexibility for parents.  Well my friends, I think I FOUND IT!    School bus driving part time with a local transportation company like Landmark is your local income supplementation option.   I'm happy to share with you the inside scoop on how it all works so that you can feel comfortable in the decision-making process on if this opportunity could work for your family. 

Training & Requirements

If you carry a driver’s license, enjoy children and have a decent driving record; getting your license to be able to drive a school bus is no problem at all.  Landmark does the required training for you, right at their offices!  The training consists of 5-10 business days of onsite training.  You will also need :

  • Your Driver Abstract ( 3 years un-certified).  Can be ordered online for only $12
  • Ministry of Transportation Medical for professional driver license - not covered by OHIP.  Most doctors charge from $50 to $125 for this document
  • Vulnerable Sector Screening (Police check) as you will be working with kids.  Cost is about $65 and the company will reimburse you once hired.    Some moms may have one of these already if they volunteer at school, etc. already!

Once complete, you are all set.  Note that the initial training does require that you find childcare as children are not permitted at the training sessions themselves.


If you are a stay at home mom with an infant/ toddler / preschooler OR even a parent with kids in school full time, this is the opportunity for you!  Hours for school bus drivers are extremely family friendly!  Depending on the route that you are assigned, typical start times range from 6:30-9am.  You then get the day to yourself to tend to your home, get dinner sorted, run personal errands etc.  You are required back for your after school run at around 2:00-4pm.  You get to be home for your family obligations and dinner with a breeze by 4:30 usually! 


Working as a School Bus Driver for Landmark is as family-friendly as you can get!  Here's why!

·         you only work 3-5 hours per day

·         you get to bring your kids to work with you

·         you get assigned routes as close as possible to your home

·         the route pick up / drop off times work perfectly around kids' sleep schedules and family routines

·         a back up system is in place in case of unforeseen emergencies, sickness, vacation time, etc. 

·         you can keep the bus at home with your or at another designated, local, parking location.  For our York North Chapter members, Landmark is conveniently located right here in Newmarket area!

·         You will have all the school holidays, summer, winter holidays off


Of course it all boils down to the moola :)   I am happy to report that School Bus Drivers with Landmark are paid a very fair $18.50/hour.  A typical shift earns you about $80 a day, which is approx. $400 per week or $1600 per month!  That is a mortgage & car payment for many of us!  Where else are you going to earn that kind of money with your kids in toe and while still tending to your families needs??? 

How To Get Involved?

Want more info?   You can feel free to contact Landmark directly at:


Recruitment Office

C: 289-221-0822

O: 905-888-7290 ext. 147

24 Cardico Drive (Woodbine Ave & Stouffville Rd)

L4A 2G5

Landmark is also showcasing these opportunities at some upcoming local events as follows:

Paws in the SARC Aurora Event on Wellington St.  

Saturday May 11,  10am-6pm  

Sunday May 12 10am-4pm   

Come by and say hello~   Free event

Sunday June 2nd. Aurora Chamber Street Festival 

Free event  11am-5pm

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