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Saturday, April 13, 2019 12:20 PM | Claire (Administrator)

Happy Nannies Canada facilitates the immigration of Filipino nannies into Canada so families can live more enriched lives. Our nannies and elderly caregivers are trusted and trained. Part-time or full-time nanny, live-in nanny or live-out, Happy Nannies Canada will find the perfect fit for your family's needs.

Employing your own nanny is a cost efficient way to ensure your child gets one on one dedicated attention, eats a balance diet, is well cared for and has all their personal needs met in the comfort and safety of your home.

We match families with nannies from the Philippines through Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Our nannies receive extensive training and are highly qualified.

What Makes Us Different?

We truly believe that happy nannies equal happy families.

Service and support continues even after your nanny arrives at your door, to ensure as smooth a transition as possible for your family. Our goal is for families to establish likeability and trust early in the relationship.

Happy Nannies Canada supports both families and nannies. Our heart-centred approach helps our Filipino nannies smoothly integrate into Canadian culture. We provide our nannies with ongoing support and opportunities to socialize outside of work. This helps them feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction in their new lives away from home.

As expert immigration consultants, we navigate government programs and process applications on your behalf, making the process of hiring nannies from the Philippines simple for you.


Exclusive for Life with a Baby members only. You get a $500 discount when you get a Happy Nanny from Happy Nannies Canada. 

For a limited time only. 

Valid until July 31, 2019

Call/email us now to avail of this discount.

Email: ask@happynanniescanada.ca

Website: www.happynanniescanada.ca

Phone: 647-874-8586

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