Reflective wear for school aged kids

Friday, September 14, 2018 9:08 PM | Claire (Administrator)

I was recently introduced to Zapped Outfitters which focuses on lighting kids up so they can be seen.

I love the story of how this brand came to be. As a Canadian Mom Scarlet was inspired to create clothing that would help her then 10-year-old son be more visible. Most of us at some point have had the thought "I wish there was clothing I can put them in that would make them more visible." The difference is that Scarlet acted on her inspiration and Zapped was born.

There is reflective wear of adults and youth so why not school aged children? Zapped recognized the gap in the market for kids aged 6-12 and set out to fill that gap. For most of the year, it gets dark early and this means kids are not as visible when they are leaving after-school programs or just out enjoying the outdoors. Let's face it. Kids are completely oblivious to their own safety which makes us parents even more anxious about their safety. Reflective clothing makes sense and that why I was thrilled to partner with this brand to bring awareness to their products.

Often times functional items are not very stylish and I am thrilled that the clothing is both functional and looks great. Kids will want to wear these items.

When I was given the choice of what to get, I went with the jacket because I liked that it can be worn in three seasons. Zapped offers a range of clothing and accessories for school-aged children including hats, backpacks, shoes, and jackets. And new this year toques.

I'm a philanthropist and I created Life With A Baby to give back and support the cause that I champion so that part of me LOVES that Zapped is giving back and helping light up other children around the globe. Zapped encourages others to “share their light” by helping other kids PLAY HARD. To celebrate their launch, they have partnered with, which helps fill children’s backpacks with food items for the weekend, when other food programs are unavailable. The second is, which donates shoes to kids in developing countries who might otherwise miss school due to a lack of footwear. ZAPPED has an ongoing relationship with both organizations to donate proceeds from shoe and backpack sales. How amazing is that?

The best part? We have a link with a 20% discount just use DROPOFGOLDENSUN20 at checkout. Not only will you be lighting up your kids so they can be seen, you'll be a light for others across the globe through Zapped's commitment to giving back.

Kudos to Scarlet for helping all our kids be more visible.

While I was provided and item and compensated for partnering with this brand, all views are my own. 

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