Our family of 5 head to Fern Resort for the first time

Monday, August 20, 2018 11:34 PM | Debbi (Administrator)

We got to Fern late Friday afternoon and checked in, which was fast and easy. Once we settled into our room we met up with friends and wondered around the resort for a little while until it was time for the kid’s dinner. The kid’s buffet was amazing and had everything that our very picky bunch would eat. They loved choosing whatever they wanted and I loved not having to cook. Win Win!

One of the perks of Fern is that it’s got a kids club. This is something that we were a little apprehensive about at first, as this was our first time using anything like it. I’m usually really nervous about leaving the kids with anyone new. You know how it is...between the mom guilt and the worry that if you’re not with your kids something terrible might happen. It’s taken me almost 6 years to get up the nerve to hire a babysitter so that we can go out on a date night (which maybe only happens once a month at best).

I sometimes feel annoyed at myself with how much fear or guilt I allow into my thoughts. I have to remind myself that it’s ok to want some time without them, but I felt guilty wanting them to go to kids club so that I could eat a meal in peace, read a book or go for a walk with my husband. I wasn’t going to let all that stop me so I brushed off those feelings, prepped the kids and off they would go. No Fear! No Guilt!

As expected our 6 year old went without issue. She was excited and ready to run right in with her friends! Our 4 year old was hesitant but with a little coaxing and his sisters hand, off he went. Then came the baby (14 months) - she cried, but I expected that and it was only a little bit of tears. So off she went. I’ll admit that I kept checking my phone and made sure my ringer was all the way up just in case. When we picked them up they were excited to see us but not because they wanted to leave, but because they had so much to talk about in the 2 hours they spent in the kids club.

In the morning they were pumped to go back. I've never seen my kids eat a meal so fast! It usually takes a lot of pleading and maybe some bribing but not at Fern. They gobbled down breakfast and were off to play.

It seemed like there was a new activity every 15 minutes and the kids couldn't have been happier. Between pony rides, driving jeeps, jungle gym, sandbox, wagon rides and really I'm not sure what else, but needless to say the kids were in a rush after every meal to get back. Our baby didn't cry after the first day, but she insisted on bringing her lovey along (once a white unicorn but now its a funny shade of grey even after being washed). She also loved playing a game where she would toss her now grey unicorn into the sandy water and make the lovely girls caring for her pick it up. She thought this was hilarious! Even though she can walk, she prefered to be held most of the time and the wonderful staff was happy to oblige. The amount of staff they had on hand to take care of all the kids was amazing. There was no shortage of help and you always got the sense that the staff was happy to be there with all the kids. This really allowed my husband and I to enjoy some of the adult activities, things like boating, axe throwing, swimming, batting cages, zip lining etc!

The kids loved every minute of our weekend at Fern Resort and we as parents loved how easy everything was. When friends and family ask us “how was your weekend”, the first thing that we tell them about is the kids club. We think it's one of the best reasons to go to Fern and was our favourite part. They have such a great setup for families and for someone like me that tends to worry about stuff like that, it quickly put my mind at ease allowing me to enjoy some time without them. The resort has lots of wonderful features, but the kids club is what made it great for us!

This picture is so cute and also makes me laugh, because anyone that knows me knows how much I loathe sand. The kids came back everyday with shoes and pockets full. And that’s totally okay since they were having fun and I didn't need to see it happening.


Lots of shade to play in.


The pony rides were a huge hit.


The basketball courts were a lot of fun for the kids and hubby. 

The dinner crew. The waiting highchair with clean bib and cup were such a nice touch. I really appreciated not having to think about bringing that stuff with me.

The grounds at Fern Resort are so beautiful it makes for the perfect spot for family pictures.

The gorgeous sunsets from the beach. Is there anything better than sitting by the water and watching the sun set?!

Thank you Fern Resort and Life With A Baby for having us we made some wonderful memories and can’t wait to return! #summeratfern

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