Fern Resort - Third Time’s a Charm!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018 10:48 AM | Debbi (Administrator)

Ever since our first time at Fern Resort the boys have asked to go back each summer. We are extremely privileged to be invited again a third year in a row for the Life With A Baby training and retreat weekend. When they heard that we were returning to Fern they were so happy that we were able to bribe them with doing anything before the first day of arrival ;)

It’s All About Family!

For a family of five, it is often challenging to get a room that has enough space and beds for us. Since Fern is a family-friendly resort, some of their rooms are already equipped with in-room bedding. The pull-out loveseat in our room (still closed at the back corner in the photo) transformed into a single bed that accommodated us without having to bring in an extra cot or bed. How convenient!

Variety of Foods Available

Unlike most parents, we like to torture ourselves and insist that the kids eat and stay with us. Plus, every time I merely suggest that they eat first and go to the camps afterwards they freak out. I guess I should treasure these times when they still want to spend time with us. I know sooner than later they’re going to ditch us for their friends :)

Parents who want to have a relaxing dinner can feed their kids first at the “early bird” kids buffet starting at 5:30 PM and then drop them off at the daycare or camps for various ages. Then they can enjoy their meal in peace and harmony with the adults.

Keeping You Informed

As a planner of all things, I love that Fern has newsletters for the young and old. I love that they provide so much information so that you are able to do whatever fits your family.

Conference Facilities

If you are thinking of treating your staff for a family getaway along with training, Fern Resort is a great choice. They provided meeting facilities for our group. While the moms had their training and meeting in the conference room, the kids could either go to camps or spend time with their dads. Fern Resort did go the extra mile to make our group feel special. They even put the Life With A Baby logo on the conference package they provided for us.

Continuing to be the Best for the Guests

I must say I was very impressed with all the new touches made this year: colourful newsletters, a personalized conference package, in room wine glasses and corker, and a large variety of menu items. (Our family does not have any allergy or dietary restrictions but I was very impressed that they added so many different options for families who do.) I believe they take all the comments from guests to heart and make their resort better and better each visit!

Last but not least, it’s the staff that makes our stay so enjoyable every year. From the staff at the front desk to the dining room, every interaction has been pleasant and delightful. They have been friendly and helpful as always with my family and with our Life With A Baby group. Our family cannot wait to go back again soon!

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About the Author:

Winnie Ng is the Events and Design Manager for Life With A Baby. She’s a busy mom of three who loves to plan events and cook. You can check out her food blog at www.memorabledishes.com.

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