BabyTime Show Toronto : Product Review

Thursday, April 26, 2018 5:32 PM | Claire (Administrator)

The Babytime show reached out to me to review some of their vendors who will be at the show this year and share my feedback.

Some of the vendors I got to review are:

Lil Miss Dressup : I don't know about you, but it is sometimes really hard to find coordinated outfits for my kids when we have a special occasion. Lil Miss Dressup and Lil Mr. Dressup are a great option if you are looking for something for a photo shoot, wedding, or other special occasion

Posh Gal Leggings & More : These come in a variety of colours and two sizes 2-12 and 12-18. What I love most about these leggings are how comfortable they are. At first, I thought the line would be on the inside would be uncomfortable but I hardly felt it. The best part for pregnant and postpartum bodies is that the wait is very high and goes well above the waist, so you don't have to feel anything along your stomach.

Made Good: These were gone in a few days. I packed them in the kid's lunch as snacks and were also great for a quick snack afterschool in between programs. There was one box that I kept for myself. The chocolate chip bananas. K's favourite was the vanilla rice bars, and Ethan was the granola bars. They loved them all - I didn't tell them they were healthy. Personally, I have a milk sensitivity, and it was fantastic to find bars that are vegan and gluten-free that also tastes great.

Mimos Pillow : I like the idea of this one, but my kids are out of this stage, so I wasn't able to test it out. This is great I think for expectant parents to get ahead of time, so they have it when baby arrives. I'll be raffling off the one I received and will share the winner's feedback. 

allKiDz Vitamins : We are going on vacation this month, and the Anti-cold is packed in my suitcase ready for any sign of a cold. The kids have already started taking the probiotics, and they love the taste.

Spoonfed Baby : I love that the recipes in this baby cookbook are easy to follow and vary between purees as well as options for baby led weaning as well as recipes for the toddler years. The sample baby meal plan chart is simple and easy to follow and gives new moms an idea of what to expect at different stages.

Tidy Tot: All-in-one bib & Tray Kit : Kids are messy! And this is the perfect way to let your kids explore and have fun with their food. Instead of having to wash their clothes after each meal just remove the bib, and you are ready to go. The tray kit is great because it is easy to clean just wash and you are done. I'm not sure how it fits over the various types of high chairs, but you can try it out at the Babytime show this weekend and get all your questions answered. 

BabyGourmet : I love the variety of products for babies 6 months and up from Baby Gourmet. The best part it's organic! The puffs are delicious and made from quinoa - it's a great alternative for parents who are considered about wheat sensitivity.

As you can see from just a few of the vendors I reviewed the Babytime show offers items for the whole family not just for babies. Check them out this weekend, and you can use the code TINYHUMAN for a discount on tickets.

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