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Tuesday, April 24, 2018 10:16 AM | Claire (Administrator)

The world can seem like a scary place especially when you watch the news. Even with social media, I noticed that my newsfeed is sometimes showing more negative than positive stories. As bad as things may seem right now, there is also a lot of good in our world, and we have to look for the good. But even more than that we have to actively do good and let our kids see us doing good. I was invited to the launch of www.LocalLove.ca a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty excited to share this website with you. Not only do they have a newsletter that will send you a dose of good that is happening in your local community, but they also feature various organizations and groups that allow you to give a little love and do good in your community.

We are all busy, right? Well, their guide of 25 things might be just the thing you need to do good without it taking up too much of your time. I know I was recently looking for things I can do with my daughter and was really happy to see the number of organizations that involve youth in their offerings.

A few of the organizations I learned about that I think you'll want to know more about are:

Soup Sisters is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to providing comfort to women, children and youth through the making, sharing, and donating of soup. A fun and easy way to give back is getting a group together to make soup that will be donated to local women's shelters. Check them out at www.soupsisters.org

The Cedar Basket Gift Shop is a group that sells a selection of First Nations, Metis & Inuit products and the proceeds go back to supporting young people facing barriers to employment. I'll share a bit of some of the others throughout the week. https://shop.ncct.on.ca/

Furniture Bank is a charitable organization that collect your gently used furniture and make them available to families transitioning out of homelessness or displacement. www.furniturebank.org

To learn more about these and many others visit www.locallove.ca

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