Day 3 - 10 Moms. 10 Questions. 10 Honest Answers.

Friday, March 09, 2018 8:00 AM | Christina (Administrator)

Life With A Baby is turning 10.  To celebrate, we are excited to share with you insights from 10 different Moms, answering 10 questions honestly.


Sarah is a mom to 5 boys (9-8-7-6-4). Radio news announcer and administrator for a local midwifery practice. Hobbies include baking bread, fermenting and riding a rad scooter.

1. How would you describe yourself before having a baby?
I was Organized, controlled, private.

2. How would you describe yourself after having a baby?
I am open & honest.

3. What is one thing you miss about your pre-baby life?
I miss sleep.

4. What is one thing you wish someone prepared you for, when it comes to Motherhood?
The ultimate loss of control

5. How has Motherhood changed you?
I’ve really solidified my personal philosophies (the why stage does that) and gained such a deep understanding of myself.

6. Do you feel like you have “balance” in your life and why?
Yes! I have a very supportive partner and we have a mutual vision of what our expectations are (it’s ever changing)

7. What helped get you through the postpartum transition into Motherhood?
Community, not every interaction led to a friendship, but every interaction was needed at the time.

8. Motherhood is hard. What gets you through each day, day after day?
Being part of a very interesting family.

9. What makes you grateful about motherhood?
Getting to really know myself, and making sure I stay grounded surrounded by my favourite people.

10. What is one thing you would tell a new or expecting Mother?
Be real, the more you share the more you’ll get back. Make a mom friend who “gets you”. Let your partner parent they way they do, you might learn something.

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