Catching Up on Summer - #SummerAtFern

Friday, January 12, 2018 7:10 PM | Christina (Administrator)

As a parent, it's hard to find time to catch up on things: the laundry, the dishes, with friends, with your spouse. But in the summer of 2017, we finally had time to catch up... and catch our breath at Fern Resort.

Over the course of Two nights, we were able to leave the resort with smiles all over our families faces, feeling like we've finally had a connection yet again. 

When we arrived, my kids (4 and 2 years old) just couldn't wait to go to the Trampoline area. Of course, my 35 year old Husband felt the same so immediately once the keys were in hand, the feet ran over and UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN as my 2 year old said. It was a great way to "JUMP" into our weekend.

Catching some air Fern Resort! Could spend hours here, but it's time for dinner then off to the Play Village! 

Off to dinner we went, the kids enjoying the buffet and Kid Favourites. Then it was time to drop them off to the Play Village for Mommy and Daddy to continue the theme of catching up, this time over a wonderful dinner... just the two of us! When does that happen at home?

Just me and the hubby, kids enjoyed their play time at the Play Village! Delish and quiet meal! #NomNom #SummerAtFern

The food was delicious, but as a parent you know it's hard to relax when your children are being watched by someone you don't know. Well, the staff at Fern and the Play Village are SPECTACULAR!  When you drop your child off you provide them with your phone number and they unlock a gate to let your child in. There is always a staff member at the welcome desk which I was so pleased with the amount of safety procedures they took.

I am not going to lie, we dropped the kids off and watched for 20 minutes and the attention to safety, the personalities of the staff, the genuine caring for your children is apparent. I was more than comfortable to walk away from my children knowing they were in caring hands.

That weekend went by in a blur. So much to do, and just not enough time before we realized the weekend was over.  How to camp everything in only 2 and a half days?From more trampoline time, to driving at the Play Village, to paddle boating with the kids on a beautiful sun lit lake.

The catch up time was completed and we left relaxed, complete and with smiles on our faces... but of course, not before catching one more thing... FISH!

So many fun activities for the entire family to do together! E caught her first fish, D's first peddle boat, swimming in the sunshine #somethingforeveryone #summeratFern #CaughtASunfish

The one thing I realized on this Holiday was this: You don't need to always be around your children for them to be happy. You need to focus on time for yourself and in turn, everyone around you will feed off of that positive energy. And, just look at this face. She had a blast. Next summer, we'll have to add a few more days to get even more stuff in; and get even bigger smiles!


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