Bell Let's Talk Series: Engaging Kids in the Conversation

Wednesday, January 10, 2024 4:17 PM | Allison (Administrator)

Leading up to #BellLetsTalkDay on January 24th, we will be posting a blog weekly. 

The first blog is about Engaging Kids in the Conversation

Breaking the stigma around mental health challenges starts by having the conversation with our kids early. Discussing mental health challenges, in a way that is appropriate for their age, allows them to be part of the conversation.

There are a series of books that are available to help the conversation with children.

The Color Monster: A Pop-up Book Of Feelings by Anna Llenas:

Description: This interactive and beautifully illustrated pop-up book helps children explore and understand their emotions through the journey of the Color Monster. Each emotion is represented by a different color, making it an engaging and visually appealing way for children to identify and express their feelings.

Breathe Like A Bear: 30 Mindful Moments For Kids To Feel Calm And Focused Anytime, Anywhere by Kira Willey:

Description: Kira Willey's book provides a collection of mindfulness exercises designed specifically for children. Through 30 short activities, including breathing exercises and visualization techniques, kids can learn to manage stress, improve focus, and cultivate a sense of calmness in various situations.

The Crayons' Book Of Feelings by Drew Daywalt:

Description: This book, authored by the creator of "The Day the Crayons Quit," explores feelings through the lens of colorful crayons. It's an imaginative and playful way for children to connect with different emotions, fostering emotional intelligence and understanding in an enjoyable manner.

My Strong Mind: A story about developing Mental Strength by Niels van Hove: 

Description: In the first book of the series, Niels van Hove introduces children to the concept of mental strength. The story follows Kate, a character who learns to overcome challenges by developing a strong mind. It's a supportive resource for teaching kids about resilience and coping strategies.

My Strong Mind II: The Power of Positive Thinking by Niels van Hove:

Description: The second installment of "My Strong Mind" by Niels van Hove encourages positive thinking in children. It empowers them to develop resilience and a positive mindset, essential tools for navigating challenges and building mental strength.


These books serve as excellent tools to initiate conversations about feelings, emotions, and mental well-being with children, promoting positive mental health from an early age.

What other books do you recommend?

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