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Thursday, October 19, 2023 9:24 PM | Allison (Administrator)

When it comes to organizing play-dates and meetups, many moms might feel a bit hesitant about taking the plunge. The thoughts of planning the food, spending money, and dealing with the house-cleaning can hold us back from eagerly stepping into the role of the hostess.

I totally get it. Whenever I plan a play-date, I tend to overthink things and go a bit overboard. Sure, it's nice to have my place smelling like freshly baked cookies and my shelves all dust-free, but I've realized other moms don't really care about the "presentation." They're more interested in socializing, meeting fellow moms, and giving their kids a chance to interact with others outside the home.

Hosting events for Life With a Baby has been a game-changer for me and many other moms. LWAB encourages its members to come together for various activities like stroller walks, park hangouts, trips to activity centers, coffee catch-ups, and more, all without the added stress of providing food or having a perfectly clean house.

And here's the cool part - with more and more moms forming play groups and meetups through LWAB, we wanted to let everyone know how simple it is to be what we've coined an "Event Host!"

So, what's an Event Host? It's basically someone who's all about meeting other parents and kids, someone who's welcoming and loves striking up conversations about everything from surviving teething to planning a much-needed date night.

To be an event host, all you need to do is show up at the designated play-date/meetup spot at the scheduled time and give a warm welcome to all the parents and kiddos joining in on the fun. It's seriously that easy!

Being a new parent can feel a bit isolating at times, but being an event host helps you break free from that loneliness. You can get out, connect with other parents, share tips and advice, and possibly start some fantastic friendships that could last a lifetime.

If you're keen on being one of our awesome Event Hosts post an event at

Let's make some great memories together!

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