My Family Day Comedy of Errors

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 11:14 PM | Joanna
I didn't have any particularly big plans for Family Day. But I did want to take Naomi to the Markham Museum Children's Winter Carnival. It was a simple enough plan, get up early (well, we're always up early anyway because my little one wakes up between 6 and 7), have breakfast, and then leave. Be at the carnival by 10 or 10:30, maybe have some pancakes at the pancake breakfast if we weren't late for it, and then on to activities. Wagon rides, a lounge full of toys, watching older kids ice skate-- sounds fun, right?

We found ourselves still home at 10:50. But at least, we are rushing out the door, with snacks for us and Naomi's lunch packed. Then Isak, my husband says, "Maybe we should eat first". And I'm like, "No, it'll be nap time soon." I give in with much reservation only because I thought maybe it would indeed be better if she ate lunch at home rather than at the carnival.

So I fed Naomi quickly and we scarfed down some sandwiches. And then we rushed out.

The carnival is about 15 minutes away from our home. Directions are really simple. It's a no-brainer. We get to the main intersection where the carnival is located. And then we take a wrong turn.

For crying out loud. I did look at Google maps quickly but didn't retain any information (hey, I'm a mom with other things on my mind). I assumed Isak took note. But I guess not.

We finally get back on track. We get to the carnival, and we suddenly feel so lucky because we get the one remaining parking spot.

Excitedly, I turn to Naomi to say "We're here!". She's asleep.


I was so mad at the whole situation. (and at Isak, well, because I had to blame someone for the delays.) We play the blame game for a while on the way home. It's my fault because I took too long to get ready. It's his fault because he decided we should eat first.

By the time I we arrived back home, I was calm, though still a bit disappointed, after my dear husband convinced me that all Naomi really cares about is to be with mommy and she won't miss the carnival. SIGH... I guess it's true. But it was a bit of a let down anyway. On the upside, she slept for more than 2 hours and we got to relax.

Sometime in the afternoon, the three of us went for a walk. It was a beautiful sunny day (for a winter day, it was). We strolled through a park with a pond and watched the ducks. We also discovered a path we didn't know existed. It was perfect. Well, almost. :-)


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