How to Potty Train Your Baby (0-12 months)

  • Monday, May 30, 2016
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Maple Library - 10190 Keele St. Maple, ON
  • 16


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Expecting Parents, Parents of babies 0-12 months and other baby caregivers

The workshop is geared to expecting parents and parents of babies under 12 months. Listen to some fascinating facts, laugh at her personal stories, and be inspired to potty train your little one!

Wendy Yeh, a professional market researcher, potty trained her two preemie kids at 5 ½ months old; growing up, this was something she witnessed her Mom doing with her younger sibling. Over the years, Wendy has successfully coached family and friends on her technique, and now she is ready to share with other parents. Using her research skills and knowledge of physiology, Wendy has developed a workshop focused on the evolution of potty training; detrimental impact of disposable diapers on the environment; the cost savings of potty training; the rewards of better communication with your baby; avoidance of skin irritations, and her step by step potty training technique.

1. Evolution and theories regarding potty training.

2. Environmental impact of diaper usage.

3. The cost of diapers and diaper related accessories over years.

4. Skin irritations from diaper usage.

5. Learn how to read your baby's physical cues from day 1.

6. Learn about potty training tools and equipment.

7. What does success in potty training between 0-12months look like?

8. Possible consequences of potty training too late.

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