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Markham Community Info

Debbie Wong
Your Community Manager

About Markham Community Manager

Debbie Wong

Age: born in the late 70's

Children: Zoey (February 2009), Elle (April 2012), Joel (September 2015)

Career/ job: Technical Support Manager for a software company; yoga teacher; Child Passenger Safety Technician (car seat tech)

Hobbies and/or interests: Yoga; I dabble in graphic and web design; I'm also a certified car seat technician (CPST)

How you found LWAB, what has LWAB done for you: After having my first baby, a friend sent me details of an LWAB event near me, I attended my first meetup and the rest is history :)

Why do you volunteer: I truly enjoy meeting other parents and their babies. LWAB was a lifesaver for me in those first few months of new motherhood, and I continue to organize and host events for LWAB as my way of giving back.

Richmond Hill Community Info

Jill Franks
Your Community Manager

About Richmond Hill Community Manager

Jill Franks

Age: Early 30's

Children: Abigail (July 2015), Emily (April 2017)

Career/ job: Currently a stay at home mom, background in health research - PhD in Kinesiology.

Hobbies and/or interests: Running, exercise, reading.

Parenting philosophy: "Get advice from others, but find what works for YOU!"

Best part about being a mom: I love witnessing my daughter explore the world around her and watch her develop and discover new things every day.

Best advice you received when you first became a mom: Follow your own babies’ cues for hunger and sleeping. Every baby is different. There is no ‘you should do this/that’. Do what works for you.

How you found LWAB, what has LWAB done for you: As a first time mom I searched the web for mommy and baby meet ups and LWAB came up in my searches. LWAB has allowed me to spend time with my baby while socializing with other moms and getting to know different resources in the area.

Why do you volunteer: It’s a great way to meet new moms and their babies in the area. I also enjoy feeling like I am contributing to the well-being of others.

Stouffville Community Info

Julie Bosomworth
Your Community Manager

About Stouffville Community Manager

Julie Bosomworth

Age: Late 30's

Children: Jack (2011) Ben (2013) Kate (2016)

Career/ job: I have a variety of certificates and degree in Child Development and Behaviour Therapy. I was a behaviour consultant and Intervention Support Worker with York Region District School Board prior to becoming a Stay at Home Mom.

Hobbies and/or interests: Reading, social media scrolling, catching up with friends over a glass of wine, playing with my kids outdoors as much as possible.

Parenting philosophy: “Do what works for you, trust your instincts and do not compare yourself to what others are doing”.

Worst part about being a mom: Working so hard, so often, for so long that I miss a shower, a break or a nap.

Best part about being a mom: Warm, sticky, when I least expect them cuddles.

Best advice you received when you first became a mom: Slow down and embrace that life has changed!

How you found LWAB, what has LWAB done for you: After the birth of my first child my husband and I realized we had no parenting friends in our new town. I felt lonely and without bearings to relate my new daily life. So I googled “mom groups” and up came LWAB. I signed up for a Coffee Chat and 8 years later here I am!

Why do you volunteer: That first Coffee Chat I met 6 ladies who are now my best friends, my mom tribe and who i can laugh with. I want Moms to have their people, their tribe and to feel connected to where they live. No one should have to wonder, worry or walk alone with their babes.

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