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Krista Smith
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Children: Boy 2013, Girl 2015

Career/ job: Stay At Home Mom

Hobbies and/or interests: I love to bake, do crafty things and read...all of which have changed a bit since having my kids, mostly just with a bit more of a mess :)

Best part about being a mom: Snuggles, sloppy kisses and little "I Love Yous"

Parenting philosophy: "Do what works for you and your child, don't worry about anyone else."

Why do you volunteer: I found LWAB after having my daughter, it was a great excuse to get the 3 of us out of the house so my son and I could both socialize with others. I like to do crafts so it was a great fit when the local chapter was looking for a host for a weekly craft program. I've been out of the workforce since my son was born so being given the opportunity to be Community Manager is a nice way to do something for the community and makes me more than just 'Mom'.

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