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This new program is geared to families of preterm infants and serves as a support network following discharge as families transition from the NICU to their first years at home. These special families face unique challenges that full-term babies may not face. Families of preterm infants tend to be more vulnerable to increased anxiety, marriage breakdown, parental guilt, and parenting stress following time in the NICU.

In partnership with Mount Sinai Hospital and dedicated Parents of NICU babies, we want to be there for you!


Our Mission

To strengthen and build confidence by providing ongoing support to families of preterm babies.

Our Vision

Empower families with preterm babies through learning, caring and sharing.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Support the families as they transition from hospital to home
  • Promote a community that supports the well-being of families with preterm babies
  • Enable preterm babies to achieve their maximum potential through parenting and social support
  • Provide a forum for families experiencing difficulties adjusting to parenting a preterm

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