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Megan Daley
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Age: Early-30's

Children: son (2008), daughter (2011), daughter (2014)

Career/ job: SAHM and Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields

Hobbies and/or interests: going to the bathroom by myself, sneaking away to eat ice cream without sharing, seeing how high the pile of dirty laundry can get, reading books without pictures in them, sarcasm

Parenting philosophy:

I want to see moms judging less and supporting each other more! We all make different choices because we have different children, different circumstances, our own struggles, our own strengths and flaws. None of us are perfect. We're not supposed to be. You may choose to make different parenting decisions than someone else. That doesn't mean one of you is wrong and one is right. Let's support each other, not tear each other down.

Best part about being a mom: The best parts are in the little moments. The times where the house is a disaster but you let go and find yourself being silly and laughing hysterically and nothing else matters. The moment you watch them do something for the first time and your heart bursts with pride. The sound of their little voice saying "I love you." And my personal favourite, is kissing their cheeks when they're sleeping peacefully at the end of a long day.

Worst part about being a mom: The hardest part is the constant giving of yourself when you're exhausted and stressed and you feel like you can't possibly get through another day. (But somehow you just do.) The monotony of doing the same thing over and over and over again and wondering how this became your life and will you ever have 5 minutes to yourself? The hardest part is feeling like you're the only one who is struggling and trying to silence that little voice that tells you you're doing it wrong. And the guilt, the mom guilt is the worst!

Best advice you received when you first became a mom: Accept help when it is offered. And if it's not offered, ask for it! You don't have to prove that you can do it all on your own. We know you can, but you don't have to!

How you found LWAB, what has LWAB done for you: I heard Claire tell her story at a panel discussion about postpartum mood disorders and was so moved by what one mom was able to accomplish because she saw what was missing in her community and decided to do something about it. I realized how important these relationships with other moms are and what a difference we can make for each other just by coming together and being supportive.

Why do you volunteer: I have struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety and I have learned how important it is for me to take care of myself so I can take care of my children. I'm very open about my struggles because I want other moms to know they are not alone and it's OK to reach out for help. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and I believe very strongly that the best support can come from other moms who are dealing with similar challenges. Sometimes that means just getting out of the house and being with people you can be yourself around while your kids play together.

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